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SPORTS CLINICAL is a lifestyle, health, pain and injury clinic concentrating on restoring normal movement

and function when the body has been affected by pain, illness, stress, injury and disability,

taking a 'wholebody' approach based in lifestyle and functional medicine.

Your first visit to SPORTS CLINICAL will include full consultation, detailed posture assessment, examination and treatment.

Who we Are 

Dean Haspey

Lead Clinical Soft Tissue  and Neuro-Musculoskeletal Practitioner

and founder of SPORTS CLINICAL

Tel: 07773814488

Dean’s passion and dedication to understanding the human form, its amazing capacity and capability flourished from a young age, curious and intrigued as to how it worked and moved. An interest that developed from dance, sports, martial arts to the study of human medicine, the brain and neurological functioning. The need and drive to always know more and to challenge and understand the unexplained has led to Dean’s need to never stop studying and researching, which he has done with some of the leading authorities in the field. Specialising in all aspects of soft tissue therapy and neurological functioning. Dean is a member of numerous professional bodies across many modalities, amongst which as a Fellow of the Sports Therapy Organisation, Certified International Practitioner of QINOpractic Medicine and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.


Rebecca Taylor

Clinical Sports Therapist and Medical Acupuncture Practitioner

Tel:  07791214043

Rebecca has always had a love for studying the human body and this led her to study Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield graduating with a First Class Honours degree.  After a career in the Medical Devices industry, Rebecca found SPORTS CLINICAL after suffering with a long-term injury herself and after trying numerous different practices and nearly giving up, Dean managed to get her back running.  The holistic and wholebody approach Dean used reignited Rebeccas passion of the human body and she went back into education to train as a level 5 Sports Therapist and Medical Acupuncture Practitioner, joining SPORTS CLINICAL in 2017.  Rebecca is keen marathon runner, her personal best being 2:43 which was achieved since having her first baby, hence, having a special interest in running injuries.  She is currently undergoing a mentorship with England Rugby Union Physiotherapist Dave O’Sullivan. 

What we Do

We specialise in treating soft tissue (muscles, fascia, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) of which the symptoms and causes can vary greatly.


The brief list below indicates just some of the conditions and injuries we take care of and look after, safely and professionally using advanced techniques and modalities:


Back, Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain/ Injury

Whiplash, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Tennis/Golfers Elbow

Osteoarthritis, Physical Impairment - Postural Problems - Workplace Ailments –

Post-Surgical Pain and Scar Tissue Therapy, 

Headaches/Migraines, Stress, Anxiety and Neurological issues.

Preventative, Rehabilitation and Performance Improvement Treatment.


Why choose us?


Why Choose Us

Our goal is to work with you, tailoring your treatment by bringing together a wide variety of modalities, systems and techniques. We ensure this by staying up to date with the latest research and maintain our skills with ongoing and continuous development with the leading authorities to give you the best possible treatment. 


Taking care of non-sports and sports people alike, we are experienced in resolving our client’s issues and pain. Our aim is to bring our patients back to their own levels of functionality, returning to occupational, leisure and sport specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.


We are dedicated and passionate about not just treating symptoms but resolving the causes of the problem. Using a ‘Wholebody’ (holistic) and lifestyle medicine approach we aim to resolve pain, reinstate movement, comfort and enhance wellbeing.

What our clients say

"SPORTS CLINICAL take a professional but caring approach that is multi-modal, multifaceted and holistic in looking at you and the body to not  just treat your symptoms but to find and rectify the causes that I've not found elsewhere after visiting many practitioners.

Thank You so much SPORTS CLINICAL!"    

Mr. GB - Lincoln/ Manchester

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